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New CSPA Projects Underway at Pigeon Point Light Station

This year, we’ve undertaken two new historic restoration projects at Pigeon Point Light Station for California State Parks.  Although these projects are still underway, we’d like you to be able to follow our progress.  Here is some preliminary information.

New Inner Doors for the Fog Signal Building at Pigeon Point Light Station

The Fog Signal Building serves as a museum for the Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park. State Park docents interpret the Fresnel lens that is now on display in the museum.  They also explain other historical artifacts from the light keepers era that are on display.

State Park staff wanted to add inner doors to the Fog Signal Building to protect the museum from salty air and wind. A contractor has been paid to fabricate new doors.  We anticipate that the doors will be installed in October 2014.

Fog Signal Building before addition of inner doors September 2014
Ribbon-Cutting of New Storm Doors   November 2014

Pathway Demolition Project at Pigeon Point Light Station

CSPA is helping California State Parks restore the Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park to an earlier era.  Last year we underwrote a Historic Structures Report, which will guide rehabilitation of the historic buildings of the light station to the era between the 1870’s and 1910’s. State Parks has recently developed landscape plans for the State Historic Park.

A raised pathway and picket fence that run adjacent to the gravel road between the parking area and Fog Signal building is not historic.  The pathway separates the Watch House and Lighthouse from the Hostel in the foreground from buildings that have become the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel.

Bids are being prepared to hire a contractor for this work.


Aerial photo of the Light Station taken in 1955 before the addition of a raised pathway and picket fence alongside the road.


Landscape photo taken in September 2014 shows the raised pathway and picket fence next to the road.

For updates about these projects, please contact us at  We welcome your interest and financial support.